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Susan Horgan: Nutritional Therapist


Try Before you Buy!

I offer any potential client a complimentary 15 minute call before booking any of my packages.  This call gives you the opportunity to chat to me and determine whether Nutritional Therapy is right for you and whether you're happy that we could work well together.

Consultation Packages
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One to One


A once-off consultation, suitable for those simply looking to improve their overall diet and wellbeing or with minor concerns to address (eg bloating, fatigue, sleep issues)

Cost: €100

Additional 45 min Follow-up: €75 (€60 if booked at 1st consult)

Diet Analysis



A 3 day diet analysis, providing you a personalised report of the macro and micronutrient breakdown of your current diet, calorie consumption and potential nutrient deficiencies.  Suitable for anyone over the age of 10.


Cost: €80

Healthy Lunch

Nourish Yourself Package

Includes an initial and 2 follow-up consultations.  Best suited to those looking to address one or more chronic conditions (eg acne, PMS, IBS, blood sugar imbalances).


Cost: €220 (payable at 1st consult)

Nutrition Talks Dublin

Nutrition Talks & Workshops

I am available to present talks on nutrition and lifestyle topics to schools, local groups or companies looking to provide employee wellness programmes.  Content can be tailored to the needs of specific groups.


Cost based on client requirements

Healthy Food

Restore Yourself Package

Includes an initial and 4 follow-up consultations.  Best suited to those looking to address one or more chronic / complex conditions which require longer term support and coaching (eg weight loss, fertility, hormonal imbalances, IBD).

Cost: €340 (payable at 1st consult)




Give the gift of good health to someone you love - makes a great birthday or Christmas present. 

Vouchers available for set amounts or for specific packages.


Cost based on your needs

Diet Analysis
Found the package for you?  Need more information?

Click the link below to make an appointment and take the first step towards regaining your health and feeling your best!

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