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Susan Horgan: Nutritional Therapist

You're here because you're drained, tired of not feeling like yourself and confused about how to feel better

Let me get rid of the guesswork and show you the diet and lifestyle habits that are going to give you back your energy so you can get on with doing the things you love

It really shouldn't be so complicated, right? You shouldn't have to trawl through pages of Google results to get reliable information about how to nourish and look after yourself during this life stage. It shouldn't be about how you survive your 40s til you get past menopause. You deserve to thrive in your 40s and come out the other side of this transition the healthiest version of you.

I want you to:

feel comfortable in your own skin, confident that you're making the best choices for you and your health.

have the energy, confidence and motivation to do the things you enjoy with the people you love most with joy and laughter

be empowered with the knowledge about what's changing during this time and how those changes impact your health, both body and mind

be armed with the tools that are most effective for you to feel happy and healthy in your 40s, 50s and far beyond

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Whatever stage you're at and whatever support you need,
I'm here to help

My 5 Core Pillars
of hormonal harmony for over 35s

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to navigating the ups and downs of perimenopause. These pillars allow us to tailor a plan that works for you, regardless of where you're starting or how busy your life is.

I work with women who:

are over 35, tired of feeling 'meh' and confused by all the information out there. Whether they're not quite "in" perimenopause yet, knee-deep in symptoms, or post-menopausal, they're looking for support and guidance right now

are longing for knowledge so they can make sense of what's happening to their body and how those changes impact their health and wellbeing, now and into the future

despite having crazy busy lives, want to understand how to use nutrition and lifestyle to help support them in feeling better and regaining some control over their body and mind

Get the support you need

Taking Notes

Perimenopause Power Hour

A 60 minute session where you choose one specific focus area that you're struggling with most right now. We'll get you an action plan you can put into place immediately to get you started.  


3 month 1:1 mentoring

A tailored nutrition and lifestyle programme focused on supporting you to build the habits you need to manage your symptoms and improve your experience of perimenopause


6 month 1:1 mentoring

A longer-term programme focused on not only building healthy habits, but looking more broadly at your health so that you can thrive now and long into the future.

Frequently asked questions:

I'm not sure which option is right for me?

That’s okay, you don’t need to decide without us chatting first! The best thing to do is to book in for a free call and we can talk through your needs and see which option is best. I’ll be totally honest with you about what I think will suit you best and you can go away and consider the options before making a decision.

How much time will I need to invest while I'm working with you?

That depends on which options you decide to go for. For the Perimenopause Power Hour you’ll need a little over an hour for the main session and then one 30-minute follow-up session 4-6 weeks later. For the 1:1 mentoring programs, in terms of actual 1:1 online call time, there's an initial consultation of 75-90 minutes to get all your background information and clearly set out your goals. We then meet online every 2-3 weeks for 30-minutes. We will also check-in informally via WhatsApp voice notes each week just to briefly check in and see how things are going. Beyond that I would recommend to set aside 1 - 2 hours a week to plan and prep your meals so that you can focus on implementing the actions we're working on. There isn't (unfortunately!) a magic wand when it comes to improving our health and wellbeing. And I can’t come around to shop and cook for you, however I will be there to keep you motivated and on track as you put the changes into practice.

I'm not sure which option is right for me?

Absolutely. While my personal area of interest is around perimenopause support, us women are complex beings and there's rarely just 1 thing that needs a little bit of focus to help you feel better. Nutritional therapy looks at you as a whole person and takes into account any symptoms, health conditions or medical history you have to find all of the possible things that might be contributing to your health concerns. We then put in place a plan that helps to address any or all of those things to try to bring everything back into a more balanced state. It's common for women, especially over 40 to come to me with thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, digestive problems, allergies and more.

Do you provide meal plans as part of the 1:1 programmes?

I don't provide full weekly meal plans to any clients that I work with - let me explain why. I like to provide guidance on how to create balanced plates of food to ensure that you are getting all of the nutrients you need, but allow you the flexibility to choose the contents of those plates. This makes the approach more sustainable and gives you the knowledge and skills that you can use long after we finish working together. 

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