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Susan Horgan: Nutritional Therapist

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Simplifying nutrition for perimenopause

So you can get back to being you again

Do you feel like you're constantly on edge? Crying at a puppy on tv one minute and flying into a blind rage the next?

Is your brain on a go-slow - you spend half the day looking for your keys and can't remember people's names anymore?

Have hot flushes and night sweats got you knee-deep in laundry and feeling anxious about when they might strike next? 

Are you lacking the confidence you used to have? Do you doubt your abilities at work and question decisions you used to make in a heartbeat?

It's hard, isn't it? Nobody prepares you for what perimenopause might have in store for you. It's not something you learn about at any stage in your life, other than to know you're going to go through it. And even when you get there and start experiencing symptoms, it's not always easy to access the right information or support to help manage your symptoms so that the journey can be as smooth as possible.
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you're energetic, positive and feeling motivated. Life feels easier and more fun - laughter has replaced the rage
you can think more clearly and focus on the task at hand, allowing you to feel more on top of things than you have in ages
your inner critic had been silenced. You're comfortable in your own skin and confident you're doing all the right things to support your health at this life stage

you're less anxious and more in control of your symptoms so you can get back to being you and doing the things you love

Discover how simple diet and lifestyle changes can hand you back control over your hormones, regain your vitality and let you live life to the full.

Did you know....

Symptoms can start as early as age 35, although your early 40s in the average. This period is known as perimenopause and can last up to 10 years.


Women spend more than 30% of their lives in their post-menopause years

Around 10% of women leave their jobs because of menopause symptoms with up to 25% considering leaving

So doesn't it make sense to want to learn what's happening to your body and what you can do to support your physical and mental health - both now and into the future?

Work with me

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1:1 Perimenopause Coaching

Simplifying nutrition so that you learn to manage your symptoms, but more importantly, you regain your energy, confidence and feel like yourself again. 

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Group Programmes and Workshops

Programmes that help you to build connection with other women going through a similar journey. Public sessions or private groups

Group Lecture

Corporate Talks and Seminars

Providing education on how women can support themselves and each other throughout perimenopause in a variety of settings - in-office, gyms, physios etc

What my clients say...

Citrus Fruits
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Sue C., Down

I was suffering with ongoing Kidney Infections for 20+ years, crippling Vertigo, sore upper back which was causing headaches, adult acne etc.... the list was endless.  Thanks to all the advice and recommendations from my wonderful Nutritional Therapist, Susan Horgan, I am a brand new womanThank you so much Food First Health for changing my life

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Tina, Limerick

I'm tapping into intuitive eating and really listening to my hunger cues. Feels really liberating

Do you feel like perimenopause symptoms are taking over your life?
It's my mission to help women like you who are struggling to juggle the demands of your busy life while trying to deal with the raft of symptoms you're experiencing. I want to empower you to make navigating this transition easier by simplifying nutrition so that you can feel amazing without having to give up your favourite foods or spend hours in the kitchen every day.

I'm Susan and I'm confident that I can help you to get clear on the key things you can do to support your hormones and yourself, so that you can live the life you want, without being controlled by the ups and downs of perimenopause.
What if I told you....
that you don't have to put up with poor sleep, low libido and fatigue as "normal"?

you can achieve and maintain a healthy weight without restrictive diets, calorie counting or cutting out your favourite foods?

being over 40 doesn't mean letting symptoms like hair loss, brain fog and anxiety to dent your confidence and stop you living the life you really want?

that simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can make significant improvements to your experience of perimenopause and longer term health too?
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