Are you trying to conceive, pregnant or a new mum?
Do you need some advice on how to support your fertility, have a healthy pregnancy and support your recovery after the birth?

I'm Susan and I am passionate about helping you take back control over your health so that you can thrive on your journey to becoming mum.

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Work With Me

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A once-off, 60 minute Zoom call where you can get clarity on all of your fertility, pregnancy or post-birth questions or concerns.

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Multi-session packages that offer a more personalised approach for helping you to navigate your pregnancy journey with ease.

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Fertility, Pregnancy & Postnatal Talks

Talks, workshops & masterclasses that can be tailored to the needs of a specific audience.  Online or in-person.

What My Clients Say

Wow I am in such a different place a year later. I was suffering with ongoing Kidney Infections for 20+ years, crippling Vertigo, sore upper back which was causing headaches, adult acne etc.... the list was endless.  Thanks to all the advice and recommendations from my wonderful Nutritional Therapist, Susan Horgan, I am a brand new woman 12 months later.

Antibiotic free, kidney infection free, no more dizzy spells, clearer skin .... It has helped me so much mentally as well as physically. I was just so sick of being sick, I gave it my all - 100% - and boy was it worth it. You defo are what you eat. Thank you so much Food First Health for changing my life.

Sue C, Co. Down