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Food First Health

Susan Horgan: Nutritional Therapist

How the Process Works

Before Your Initial Consultation

I will ask you to complete my detailed health questionnaire, including a 3 day food diary - this gives me an overview of your goals, current health status, diet and lifestyle and allows me to prepare in advance of our initial meeting.  This should be returned to me 48 hours in advance of your consultation.

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1. The Initial Consultation

This lasts approximately 90 minutes.  The first half of the session will be spent discussing your health concerns, symptoms, how you eat at the moment, your stress levels, medical history, sleep and level of activity.  I will then use all of this information to build a picture of what I think is going on and explain to you how it all combines to trigger your symptoms or health concerns. 

We will prioritise the key areas to focus on and agree the basics of what diet and lifestyle changes are needed to support you in achieving your goals, taking into account your daily commitments and how much change you feel ready to take on.

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2. Getting Your Plan

You will receive your plan by email within 72 hours.  This will contain diet and lifestyle recommendations aligned to our agreed focus areas, ensuring you are getting the required nutrients to support your goals.  The plan aims to be realistic and achievable for you, based on your lifestyle and schedule and will include meal ideas, recipes and tips to help you get started.

I may also make some supplement recommendations in order to support you through the process of change.  However, my approach is "Food First" and these supplements are rarely required long term.

Depending on the complexity of your health concerns, the plan may also include suggestions for laboratory tests that may be able to provide additional information to help us better address your health issues.

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3. Follow-up Consultations

Nutritional Therapy is not a "pill for an ill" approach and it can take a couple of sessions to fully identify and address the root cause of an issue - especially for more complex health conditions, where there tend to be multiple triggers involved.  

For all clients, a follow-up offers the opportunity for us to catch up on your progress, celebrate your achievements, discuss any challenges you faced, review test results (where appropriate) and supplement requirements based on your updated health status.

It also offers us time to update your plan helping to keep you motivated and making progress towards your goals.

Does this sound like what you need???

Click the link below to arrange your complimentary 20 minute call or book your online consultation.

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