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Susan Horgan: Nutritional Therapist

About Me

Hi! I’m Susan and I have always loved food - both cooking it and eating it! 


My passion is helping people to get to the bottom of their health concerns and achieve their goals using simple, low-stress and practical diet and lifestyle change.  I am convinced that anyone, armed with the right information, mindset and support, can regain control over their health and feel their very best.


My journey to Nutritional Therapy started after the birth of my children, when I became very aware of what we were eating as a family and how it could affect our health (either positively or negatively).  I was working full-time in a corporate setting and felt all of the pressures that working parents feel - wanting to do your best but being seriously time poor - so home cooking was not always top of the priority list!


Craving more knowledge, not just about eating well, but the benefits it can provide, I decided to study Nutritional Therapy with The Institute of Health Sciences.  The course provided both practical, easily applied knowledge, mixed with the scientific detail to help explain the why!  What I love about Nutritional Therapy is that there is always multiple ways to approach an issue, which gives me the flexibility to tailor my plans to the specific needs of my client - this is the key to making them achievable and sustainable.

Nutritional therapy is not just about the food though - it looks at each person as a whole and incorporates lifestyle, environmental and mental wellbeing into the process so that you improve your overall sense of wellness and emerge as the best version of you!

Susan x

My Qualifications: 

DipNT (IHS) Nutritional Therapy; Cert. Personalised Sports Nutrition

Certified DNALife Practitioner

Professional Associations:

Nutritional Therapists of Ireland;